Director has Child with Real Estate Agent

real-estate-agentHoly Moly – Which action movie director is desperately trying to keep his one-year-old love child out of the public eye? The mother of the child met the director (and his wife) when she worked in property but was unaware of his fame. But when she found out that he had directed some of the biggest movies of all time, her ovaries went into overdrive, especially as she visualised the maintenance cheques rolling in. One ‘close up’ with his ‘zoom lens’ later and she was holding the golden ticket for life.

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26 comments to Director has Child with Real Estate Agent

  • caro

    james cameron? christopher Nolan? françis ford coppola? spielberg is too famous!ratney,bay aren’t married!

  • Zulu Queen of the Dwarf People

    zoom and close up…clues???

  • Jackie

    Tim Burton? He did all the Batman movies and many others and Willie Wonka–the “golden ticket”, and he is married to Helena Bonham Carter, who also recently had a child. Also the spelling of cheque is a different spelling than U.S. “check” so he is not from the U.S.?

  • j

    tim burton is a great guess but he’s god awfully ugly.

  • Bread and Jam

    I don’t think Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter are married

  • immature

    Neither Burton nor Lucas are married. I don’t believe Bay is either, though he is a popular guess. Nolan has only one film really that is among the biggest of all time.

  • caro

    if he’s not Nolan(only one BIG movie)or Lucas(not married) or Spielberg(too famous) or Bay(single)or Burton(not married)or Brian Singer(gay and single),i ‘m going to say “James Cameron” the professional husband’ .He is married 4 times!

  • stan

    Christopher Columbus. He directed “Home Alone” and “Home Alone 2″. He directed the first 2 “Harry Potter” movies as well as “Mrs Doubtfire”. Allo of them were huge hits.

  • Alex

    i’m thinking possibly John McTiernan, golden ticket(last action hero) and action films such as Die hard,Predator and he is married.

    Although i have to say James Cameron could also fit

  • Meah

    Holy Moly is from the UK, I haven’t a clue, there are so many love children slipped under rich peoples rugs I couldn’t begin to guess which one this blind is referring to.

  • Nowaynohow

    Nope. James Cameron. Definitely. Titanic and Terminator are 2 of the biggest movies of all time. He met his current wife, Suzy, when she worked on Titanic, and he met his first wife, Linda Hamilton, when he worked on Terminator. He seems to only meet women when he’s working. Also, even up close, he doesn’t look necessarily ‘famous’, he is pretty average looking. So, if you didn’t really know WHAT James Cameron looked like – you could, totally think he was like, Jim the lighting guy or whatever.

    He cheated on Linda with Suzy. Then he took Linda to the Oscars and was ‘sort of’ trying to work things out, and then he went back to Suzy. I think he’s a serial cheater. He may even have been married prior to Linda, but I’m not sure. She got a HUGE payout though – and if he leaves Suzy, she’ll get one too.

  • mbizzle

    Nowaynohow, called it…as well as others. Suzy is his 4th wife. My first inclination was James Cameron as well. He just isn’t someone that jumps out at you (look wise) but he’s not unattractive either.

  • A-nonny-mouse

    I love that people consider Tim Burton an “action movie” director.
    The closest he’s got to action was when Eddy Scissor-fingers punctured the waterbed.

    • Queequeg

      “I love that people consider Tim Burton an “action movie” director.”
      haha… well:

      Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure- Lots of “action”…dumb action, but nevertheless, action.
      Batman – Action movie…
      Batman Returns – Action movie…
      Mars Attacks! – Totally hot alien action
      Sleepy Hollow – Totally hot Headless Horseman action
      Planet of the Apes – Totally hot monkey action

      I still don’t know if this BI is about Burton, even though the “Golden Ticket” reference is pretty damning… plus he’s made 5 movies that took in over $100 million… Cameron has only 3.

  • blossom6673

    i’m on the cameron band wagon. selling property june 2007. could DEF have a one-year old at this time with someone from the real estate agency…

  • A-nonny-mouse

    Queequeg, none of those mentioned are really “action” films, they just contain scenes of action, not action-driven (with the exception of the Batmans maybe). More adventure/fantasy/family I guess. Tim Burton’s not a definite action director like Cameron or Bay. Or maybe I just don’t want it to be him. Wah!
    I reckon “Golden ticket” is a red herring. Blind items are never that blatant… they’d be sued.
    Oh and don’t laugh at me. It’s mean :-)

  • bebop

    Like the James Cameron guess.
    I love how there is this thinking that coz it comes from a British site (hence British English spelling of words rather than US) it must be a Brit – cracks me up. Right or wrong most Brits tend to think of action film directors as all being American.

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