Baller Is Cheating On His Celeb Wife

[Hollywood Street King] This pro-baller may make his marriage — to one very insecure E! sister — appear to be solid, but that doesn’t mean he’s staying faithful to his wife, and, with our blind item’s made-for-TV Mrs. occupied as the new co-host of a prime time national television show – she may be too busy to notice.

Sources say that while the cat’s away, our blind item makes it a point to play! Witnesses say they recently spotted our 33-year-old mystery man doing just that! We’re told that’s when — immediately following one NBA on-the-court match in Oklahoma — our blind item left the locker room, before hooking up with a pair of unknown brunette bombshells to head to his hotel to smash! Don’t believe me… Ask eyewitness Teresa Witt.

Here’s was Teresa Witt had to say:

“He was partying well into the night at the club Skkybar on Nov. 20. He went out the back door, and it looked like he was about to leave. They were standing next to a cab –

Both of the women were very thin brunettes in their late twenties, and when I saw them, I immediately wondered, ‘Why is he in an alley in the middle of the night with two gorgeous girls?’

Does our blind item use his per diem from the Los Angeles Clippers’ away games to purchase prostitutes while on the road? Of course. Don’t believe me… Ask his former teammate Kobe Bryant.

Pro Baller:


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