Old School Three Way

[Hollywood Street King] HSK Exclusive – He may have once been seen as reppin’ the ‘new school’, but today, this rapper would be classified as old school. Even though he’s no longer at the forefront of the limelight, some of his secret flip mode practices haven’t been forgotten by those who he may have personally told “got a big gun, and I’ma show you the size”. Don’t believe me… Just ask the male hairdresser who he reportedly told, “Gimme Some More”.

During his heyday, a three-way our mystery man reportedly had – with female rapper, Ra Digga, and one male Beverly Hills hair stylist – led our blind item, and the other dude involved, to really wanna party — with just each other! We’re told the three-way smash session happened back in 2003, before our blind item rapper and the 90210 hair stylist sparked a nine-month long secret gay bromance.

Though we can’t confirm the identity of the hair stylist, we suspect it could be one former ‘Fabulous’ VH1 reality television personality, a hair style guru to the stars, known for his flamboyant character and platinum blond mane.

Now, only time will tell when and what details the unnamed man will reveal about his secret relationship with our blind item. Know why? Because sources exclusively tell HSK he’s taking his story about our mystery man to the bidding block.

Here’s the drop:

“I can’t betray dude and tell you the whole story. He wants to be paid but the threesome with Ra Digga is a juicy story.

Jacky, if you pay him – he’ll tell you all about his steamy nine-month relationship with the former Aftermath recording artist. He can prove your blind item is a gay man, because he’s his ex-lover.”


Hair Stylist:

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