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whopperCDAN – This actress is B list. Movies all the way. Never done television. Academy Award nominated/winner. Makes a big production about being a vegetarian and animal rights but at the same time sends her assistant out for Burger King at least twice a week to bring her back a Double Whopper. I know. A double? She must puke it all back up right?

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  • Kristen

    Alecia Silverstone?

  • Kristen

    Scratch that. Academy nominated/winner.. def. not her.

  • Britney

    Charlize Theron. She’s active with PETA.

  • Yan

    This is DEFINITELY Gwyneth…she won for Shakespeare in Love.

  • Liv

    Ok now im soo confused with this whole A list B list stuff. I thought that if a movie actor/actress was nominated or won an academy award they were considered A list. this list stuff is so subjective

  • addled

    natalie portman? nominated in 2005, best supporting actress, “closer.” no tv that i know of. also, just launched a vegan shoe line with te casan.

  • kg

    gwyneth or hilary swank or catherine zeta jones

  • gen

    who cares, burger king is yummy

  • sean

    It is Gwyneth. Has to be. Seems tho,someone with money would have better taste. If you are going to lie about being vegatarian, at least get a filet out of it.

  • elvisdiva

    it’s not Gwenyth, she has meat dish recipes on her GOOP site.

  • anon2

    I think Gwyneth is A list. Also, I don’t think she is that into animal activism. I don’t think even she promotes vegetarianism (is that a word?)…more eating healthily. Oh and I also saw her say in an interview that she would never, ever let her kids eat McDonalds so I doubt she’d eat Burger King. Besides, McDonald’s burgers beat Burger King anyday.

  • tickle me this

    Charlize Theron did TV, she was on a few episodes of Arrested Development (greatest show).

  • j

    sigourney weaver? she is a member of several animal protection organizations and has won oscars and been nominated and lost them too…

  • sneezy

    I’d agree with Gwyneth – but her recipes on her website use meat in them – not that she has any idea of what’s happening on that site at all…hah!

  • chippedchina

    I too thought Gwyneth but animal rights? Doesn’t fit.

  • caro

    charlize theron:B + list,2 nominations,1 Oscar,TV yes but only guest,PETA girl
    there are also Julia roberts( 2 nominations,1 oscar,Green girl but obviously A list),RenĂ©e “bridget jones” (2 nominations,1 oscar,no tv (i don’t know),B + list but no Peta/green girl)

  • Kiki

    Gwen says she doesn’t eat any four legged animals, not that she’s a vegetarian. It was on Oprah the other day.

  • penny

    How bout Keira Knightley? I suspect she may swallow burgers..but they dont stay down for long.

  • oinc!

    NATALIE PORTMAN!!! She was nominated for her role in Closer. She’s Vega and did recently those puppies and kittens videos for Funny or die.com

  • Tee

    Hillary Skank was my first thought.

  • Peppermint Patty

    It can’t be Gwyneth… There is no way the shoes she wears are man made!

  • Nowaynohow

    Not Hillary Swank. She very publicly was photographed at ASTRO BURGER on Santa Monica after she won the first oscar, eating a Double Double or whatever. Plus, she is very public about saying she grew up in a trailer park and is kind of white trashy that way. Although – her Dad sold the trailers, so…it was not as bad as she makes out.

    Gwyneth for years did only macrobiotic diet – weird juices etc, but I don’t think she went full vegan. Especially since Chris Martin doesn’t look like he’d put up with that s*.

    Marissa Tomei is probably not it either.

    Keira Knightly says she eats everything and though she is not anorexic, it does run in her Family and her Grandmother had it.

    Alicia Silverstone – very very public vegan. Would not be A or B list now – maybe when Clueless was out and she got that $10 million production company deal.

    Anne Hathaway – announced on David Letterman she gave up cigarettes and turned vegan

    Charlize Theron – don’t believe she ever said she was vegan.

    Pam Anderson is a public vegetarian. Not A or B though. D cup. And, she’s kind of done mostly tv, so…not her.

    Natalie Portman says, according to this ecorazzi website, that she is NOT vegan, and while she’s trying to phase out eggs, she needs to maintain her protein. BUT, she does not wear leather. So…I don’t think it’s her, because she’s pretty up front with that stuff. She does, however, have a organic clothing line.

    Kate Hudson is my guess. in fact, she has a line of ‘cruelty free’ haircare that benefits WILD AID. Which, she is being sued for right now because another company says they sent her a sample and her new hair care has the same stuff in it.

  • Natalie Portman is big into PETA and animal rights, but she was only nominated for an Oscar (didn’t win).

    None of the recent Supporting Actress winner fit, except for Jennifer Connelly (Best Supporting Actress 2001), who WAS a vegan until her pregnancy.

    Here are the recent Best Actress winners:

    1998 Gwyneth Paltrow – isn’t a vegan and isn’t even a strict vegetarian.

    2000 Julia Roberts – has said that she “loves steaks.”

    2001 Halle Berry – I have no idea if she’s vegetarian or not.

    2002 Nicole Kidman – she grows her own organic vegetables, but I don’t think she’s huge into the animal rights movement.

    2003 Charlize Theron – has done TV, plus she describes herself as a “semi-vegetarian” (she does eat chicken, fish, and eggs).

    2004 Hilary Swank (also won in ’99) – a vegetarian, very into animal rights.

    2005 Reese Witherspoon – has been a PETA-promoted “sexiest vegetarian,” even though it’s been reported that she eats meat.

    2006 Helen Mirren – I don’t think so.

    2007 Marion Cotillard – has said that she admires Natalie Portman’s commitment to cruelty-free, eco-friendly design/food.

    My guess is Reese Witherspoon, or maybe Hilary Swank.

  • Lavinia

    Gwyneth did television work in the early 90′s and the Thomas Jefferson miniseries in 1997.

    Natalie Portman also contributed her voice to The Simpsons.

  • yaya

    Jennifer Connelly is a vegetarian….

  • maurav

    Natalie did a voiceover for Simpsons.
    Reese was on Friends as Rachel’s sister.
    Gwynny was on a tv mini series.
    Hilary was on 90210 for a bit.
    Jennifer was on a short lived series on tv.
    Marion Cotillard did a couple of spots on tv.
    Marisa Tomei was on that tv show with Dennis Leary.
    Charlize was on Arrested Development.
    Keira was in Oliver Twist…on tv
    Alicia Silverstone, also did a couple of tv shows.
    Kate Hudson did two, one episodes appearances, of you guessed it, tv shows.
    Anna Paquin was my guess, but she’s on True Blood right now, which is cable so maybe it doesn’t count?
    Anne Hathaway might be a good guess because she’s up for the Oscar in Rachel’s Getting married and is now a nominee, but maybe a winner. But alas, she too has done tv.

    All of them have done little bit of television. I think this clue of “never done tv” is wrong.

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