Someone Else Was Jingling His Bells


[Blind Gossip] Here’s an early Christmas gift for you! This very popular young celeb got himself into some very hot water while hosting a holiday event recently.

He didn’t take his hosting responsibilities very seriously. He smoked joints backstage, was fifteen minutes late for the meet and greet, and then stayed at the event for only twenty minutes. He didn’t even stay to hang out and eat and drink with the other celebs, like he usually does.

Why so unprofessional? Because he was really hungry for just one thing: the model who was waiting for him back on the tour bus!

Did we mention that our celeb has a celebrity girlfriend who he claims to love? The girlfriend wasn’t there at the event… but her cousin was! When the cousin got wind of what was happening, she went absolutely ballistic! She tried to get on the tour bus, but was blocked by his friends. She walked away swearing up a storm, and later very publicly told the young celeb to “Go f*ck yourself!”

The celeb and his girlfriend will NOT be spending the holidays together.




Holiday Event:

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Celeb: Justin Bieber

Model: Victoria’s Secret Model Barbara Palvin

Girlfriend: Selena Gomez

Holiday Event: Y100 Jingle Ball in Miami


So, the story is exactly the way we told it over a week ago! Justin was doing the deed with the model on the tour bus, and Selena’s loyal cousin, Priscilla Deleon, was the one who was rebuffed from entering the bus. She later posted this scathing tweet about Justin and his pals:

Justin and Selena then got into a big fight and broke up again. Although they have been seen together in the past day or two, we believe this relationship will end soon. It’s run its course as a publicity magnet, and Selena will look stupid if she continues to let this little pothead punk cheat on her and disrespect her.

And Barbara is not shy about taunting Selena with pics of her and Justin together:

Barbara Palvin even tweeted a photo of herelf wearing a JB concert T-shirt in front of Justin Bieber’s tour bus! Dayum, this girl is nervy!:

And – speaking of disrespectful – we don’t know how Bieber is getting away with being so completely unprofessional at work events! Scooter is losing his grip as Justin gets older, and Justin is going to lose opportunities if he keeps up with the unprofessional behavior.  Wasted and late and cheating on your girlfriend is no way to win fans and sponsors, Bieber!

Did you catch some of the clues? Jingle Bell = Jingle Ball, hungry = Barbara Palvin is Hungarian, ballistic = Ball

Lots of you got some variation of this correct, but LightsBright was first with ALL the correct answers! Congrats, LightsBright!

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