Playing Pool and Picking Fights

beerPerez Hilton – What supposedly recovering alcoholic was getting s* drunk at Peter Dillon’s in NYC last night? He was boozing up a storm, playing pool and – towards the end of the evening – getting all agro and starting to pick fights with people!


Kiefer Sutherland

Congrats to Caro for being the first one with the correct answer!

National Enquirer  – Sutherland, whose notorious for his drunken antics, started the night out quite calmly, according to bystanders! “He was initially soft-spoken, mellow and pleasant. He was ordering Maker’s Mark whiskey cocktails and was even posing for some pictures.”

It wasn’t until a number of drinks later when another bar patron made a comment to Kiefer, which caused the TV star to fly off the handle. The two started pushing each other back and forth until Sutherland’s friends stepped in to calm the poor alky down.

Kiefer apologized profusely for his poor judgement, even leaving a $20 tip for the trouble he caused, although a witness pointed out, “…he was so wasted, he flung the bill and it landed nowhere near the bar.”

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