Courtside Fit


[Bossip] Which attention sloring celebrity seed had a fit when she wasn’t seated courtside at last night’s Brooklyn Nets game?  SMH.

Somebody was salty they couldn’t Instagram from floor seats. Last night our Bossip spies were on the scene as one particularly pampered hip-hop Princess pitched a fit after discovering her lower level seats were inferior to those of R&B singer Trey Songz, who was seated courtside. Said Princess has enjoyed the spoils of her family’s fame on reality TV, regularly walks the red carpet at events and has caught the eye of more than one famous fellow.

No It’s Not: Kimora, Tyra, Beyonce, or Jay Z


It’s Reverand Run’s daughter, Angela Simmons! Source: Bossip

From Bossip:

The spy tells BOSSIP exclusively:

“Angela Simmons was sitting by us and seemed annoyed when she saw Trey Songz on the jumbotron. She must have realized she wasn’t sitting in floor seats!”

According to the spy Simmons double checked her seats with an attendant who assured her she was sitting in the right place.

“Weirdly enough it seemed like her row was designated for players jump offs cause it was a entire row of 5 inch heels,” the spy continued. “Once it was full she got up and moved — but not courtside. She was visibly upset.”

Guess Jay-Z ain’t checkin’ for ya boo!

So her daddy bankrolled her sneaker company and her hair extension company and her magazine and her fashion line and her tattoos and her nude photos, but she couldn’t afford courtside seats? Life is so unfair!
Congratulations to Bromance 1979, who was first with the correct guess!



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