Why Christmas Isn’t Jolly For This Actor

[Celebzter] Actors and beautiful women are a winning combination in Hollywood. This actor has had more than his share over the years, including a marriage to a beautiful actress.

Their marriage crumbled on Christmas Eve a few years back. That’s when she walked in on him in bed with someone else. Since he is a womanizer, you would expect it to be someone of the female persuasion. No. It was a man. His long-time, secret boyfriend.

Needless to say, this came as a huge shock to her. They had an epic fight, and their marriage crumbled. While he didn’t love her, he was upset over the end of the marriage. However, his boyfriend stood by him the whole time, and his ex-wife kept his secret.

Then, when he and his boyfriend broke up last year, his world completely fell apart. He knew he couldn’t talk to anyone about the breakup. His partying and womanizing became even more extreme. His professional life suffered.

So Christmas is never a good time for this star. All the wintery white powder and playboy bunnies in the world do little to ease his pain over a secret exposed one Christmas Eve, and the end of a torrid love affair that would never work in the real world.



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