These Celeb Neighbors Hate Each Other

[Blind Gossip] We’ve told you before that this young actor has been throwing a lot of house parties to distract from some recent troubles.

Well, one of his neighbors has had enough, and it’s getting ugly! His house is next door to the young star’s house, and the noise is something he and his family have decided they can do without. They’ve left notes, they’ve called the police, and they’ve gotten into several shouting matches… but nothing has helped.

The neighbor’s wife is constantly in tears over a lack of sleep, they fear that the noise will never stop, and are now looking to move their family from the house they have lived in for many years. So, when you see their L.A. house listed for sale, you will know the real reason they are moving.

It’s kind of odd that these two are in this situation. Why? Because the young star is usually so quiet in his public life… while the neighbor he has made plenty of noise in his time! He was the lead singer in a band that was very popular in the 1980s and 1990s. Their music didn’t change the world, but chances are you know their #1 hits by heart and crank up the volume whenever you hear one of their songs. You would think that if anyone could handle music blaring from a neighbor’s house, it would be a musician!

Young Star:


Neighbor’s Band:

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3 comments to These Celeb Neighbors Hate Each Other

  • ninjanerd13

    Billy Joe was still in high school in the 80’s; I went to school with him.

  • MissTearsForFears

    This is definitely Curt, poor guy. I hate to say it, but he probably should move. It doesn’t look like Zac gives a hoot and nor will he change anytime soon.