Honeymoon Video May Ruin Comeback

honeymoonBlindGossip – This female entertainer is very talented, but her career has been marred by a history of substance abuse. Her problems were exacerbated by an ex to whom she finally gave the boot. The star is now clean, healthy, and working again. Just when things are going well, however, there is trouble brewing. It seems that her money-hungry ex is shopping around a video of the star snorting some of the white stuff on their honeymoon.

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37 comments to Honeymoon Video May Ruin Comeback

  • Mitch

    Bobby Brown is a scum.

  • stinkweed

    Could be Brittany, but K-Fed surely wouldn’t kick the money horse. I’ll go with Whitney as well.

  • I dunno

    i don’t think this will hurt her image because we all know whitney had to be high to wanna marry Bobby Brown in the first d* place.

  • caro

    fergie or witney houston!

  • smokey

    What about Britney, and the ex is Jason Alexander?
    They didn’t really have a honeymoon, but I’d be willing to bet there was a little white powder involved in their decision to get married at 6am!
    Plus, everybody knows Whitney was a crackhead. Video of her doing blow, what, 15 years ago wouldn’t be too shocking.

  • Missy

    Whitney. It didn’t say there were takers or that the tape would net very much $$, but it would sell, if even for a little. And, Bobby Brown is just the broke s* to do it. The only good thing about this blind is the indication that Whitney is actually clean and relatively healthy. Hope that is true.

  • This is definitely Amy Winehouse.

  • deetrie

    This Screams Whitney and Bobby

  • mbizzle

    It can’t be Winehouse because she has been on “vacation” and has just returned to London to deal with her house being broken into. No word that she has been back to work. I’d have to go with Whitney. Although she still seemed as if she was on something at the Grammy’s. She was talking in what seemed like slow motion.

  • gen

    dunno, my first thought was winehouse but could be whitney like every says, would bobby be that low tho?

  • E

    I think Amy is supposed to be working while she is away , according to her Dad. But I don’t think it is her because we all know what she got up to, pictures of her taking drugs wouldn’t ruin any comeback. Hasn’t Whitney been clean and coming back for quite a long time now, if its her her ex has kind of missed the boat. I’d go for Britney on the basis that Kev has just sold her contact with her kids at the rate of $5K per week (therefore money-grabbing), and her popularity is more likely to be damaged, as well as damaging her chances of getting more time with her kids. She has the most to lose.

  • lvgossip

    It’s too obvious if it’s Whit or Amy. No one would be shocked, they both had shady, drug filled pasts that we all knew about and really don’t care about anymore.

    I would also go with Britney, I don’t think it will change anyone’s opinon of her (good or bad) but her ex seems like a money hungry, lazy and mooching a*.

  • lodimc

    It’s Whitney.. Amy Winehouse is still doing drugs and alcohol (just not crack) which I would hardly describe as “clean and healthy”. Britney can hardly be described as “very talented”.

  • patty

    If it’s Whitney good luck with that Bobby. Everyone knows that was her problem. Sure pictures will bring money but who really cares. It’s not enough to ruin her comeback.

  • andy

    I’m going with Brit Brit. No one cares if Whitney did coke. That’s a for gone conclusion.

  • IamThinking

    Britney. Whitney and Amy sounds too obvius and people don’t care much about them anymore

  • Heather

    Has Britney’s career been “marred” by substance abuse though? I mean, sure, more recently when she had her breakdown people were wondering, but overall there hasn’t been a big deal made over Britney doing or not doing drugs.

    As for Amy Winehouse, it says that the female star dumped the partner..and its been in the news that Blake is trying to get a divorce from her..out of “love”, so I don’t think its her either.

    The Whitney guess seems to fit, but shes been off the radar for a while and is it confirmed that shes working on a comeback? Out of all the guesses though, Whitney seems to fit more then Britney or Winehouse.

  • chippedchina

    Liza/David Gest

  • lins

    At first, I was going to say Amy Winehouse but there have already been tapes released of her drug use so that wouldn’t be shocking enough to destroy her career at this point. It’s got to be Whitney – noone’s ever found any footage of her doing drugs and Bobby Brown is definitely desperate enough to do something like that.

  • Morgan

    This is Amy for a couple of reasons.

    Even though to the general public it will be ‘no big deal’, Amy’s Blaaaaake has recently been shouting off to the media about ‘possessing evidence’ that will ‘bring down’ his estranged wife as they begin divorce proceedings. Also, because he’s been having it off with that blonde chick who went to his trial, he is worried that he’s going to lose the pay packet due to his infidelity. He is deluded and desperate, willing to use anything he can to even the score.

    Other reasons: Amy is technically ‘clean’ in comparison to her former wild ways – she’s reportedly only been drinking and smoking pot, which in Hollywood terms is small-time. She has also recently started exercising a lot, doing yoga, etc – as has been documented by British presses. That relates to the ‘healthy’ part.

    As for work, I hear there are still big plans for her and projects, new albums, etc, in the vague works.

    Also, she and Blake were not married that long (in comparison to Whitney and Bobby), thus coke-on-Honeymoon video would be more relevent, time-wise.

    As for Britney – are you guys paying attention? The clue says ‘finally gave the boot’. Jason and K-Fed have been out of her life for a number of years! Jason was barely in it.

    • Heather

      But what doesn’t make sense about your guess is the wording in the BI about the ex..firstly, Blake isn’t Amy’s ex as of yet. Secondly, he started the divorce proceedings, not her, so she didn’t give him the boot, it was the other way around and she couldn’t really give him the boot anyway because hes been living in prison for quite some time now.
      Then again, your guess makes the most sense out of the people who’ve been said so far, lol

  • Meah

    Brits problem was mental illness not drug abuse and Kev is riding the good guy high. Releasing a tape might compromise a very lucrative position.
    Whitney, the clues all fit but a tape of her doing drugs on her honeymoon would be such old news it would be nearly useless. It would hardly put a hiccup in her comeback. Simply because it says shes clean and healthy I hope its her but, I think its someone less well known that we haven’t thought of yet.

  • Whitney Houston.

    Bobby Brown is just dumb enough to think that releasing a years-old video of Whitney doing blow will somehow a.) get him a lot of money and b.) ruin her attempts at a future career.

  • liz

    don’t think it’s k fed he want’s to see Brit do well it means more $$$ for him

  • Tee

    Jessica Simpleton? Not the talented part, but maybe her weight gain has something to do with her quiting the white stuff. These boots are made for walkin’…

  • smokey

    Oooooh, Jessica Simpson is actually a very good guess.

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