Chicken Singer Has A Scheming Hubby

[Hollywood Street King] She’s a noted ‘Queen’ of certain song, but that doesn’t mean our blind item is treated like a queen by her significant other. That’s because our mystery lady’s mackadocious husband is said to have recently plotted a scheme – getting the songstress to leave her John Hancock in order for him to land a $2.2-Million dollar bank loan.

The problem is, sources say he never intended to pay it back! Now, The Supreme Bank has filed a lawsuit against our blind item and her “Superfly” husband – for the $2.2 million PLUS $58,000 interest fee. That’s why sources say they’re now at odds. Know why? Because the situation has reportedly led her to stop payments – leaving just her to face the judge.

This isn’t the first time our blind item is reported to have been led astray by her man. You may remember earlier this year our mystery lady first agreed to a controversial deal in which she sang about chicken – all because her husband reportedly told her to do it for the money. Don’t believe me… Ask her sister La Tonya.

Insiders say our blind item’s husband uses Christianity as nothing more than a tool to both keep our blind item in check — and get into her pockets. Don’t believe me… Ask Andre Harrell.



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