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[Blind Gossip] Although he has appeared in more than 50 film and television roles, this actor may be best known for his role in a classic horror film.

What is not widely known is that he is as crazy off screen as he is on screen.

He attracts a lot of groupies at horror conventions, and manages to lure quite a few of them home. It’s when they reach his home that they begin to see how unhinged he is.

When you get to his house, he will warn you that he has a problem with bugs. He says that these bugs reside in him as a host, and that he is being eaten alive by them.

He has very little furniture in his home – save for a plastic blow-up couch in the living room – because he claims that the bugs ate it all. He explains that the bugs can’t eat plastic, so only plastic furniture is allowed in the house.

If you can get past the bug talk, the really fun part is coming up. He will start to spray his entire body with Windex… and will ask you to help him with his cleansing ritual. This includes spraying his private parts and anus with the Windex.

So, if this actor ever asks you to come home with him, don’t claim that you didn’t know about the bugs and the blow-up furniture and the Windex. You’ve been warned.

No It’s Not: Anyone associated with Chucky or Child’s Play.


It’s Children of the Corn’s Courtney Gains! Source:

You may remember Courtney Gains from the classic horror film Children of The Corn. The 1984 film was based on a Stephen King story where children of a small Nebraska town ritually murder all the adults to ensure a successful corn harvest. Courtney Gaines played Malachai, the teen who leads the children in the killing of the adults.

The film was so successful at the box office that it led to 7 sequels, the latest which came out in 2011.

Courtney Gains never stopped working as an actor, and has racked up tons of credits. Remember him as Sheriff Wade in Sweet Home Alabama? He currently has four films in production, and four in development/

sweet home alabama sheriff wade

Last year, an ex-girlfriend hit him up with a restraining order. From TMZ:

Courtney Gains — who starred as psychotic teenage killer Malachai in “Children of the Corn” — is allegedly wreaking havoc in his real life too … his ex-girlfriend obtained a restraining order against the guy claiming he’s threatening her life.

Kelley Marie Pospisil — who says she dated Gains for 2 years –filed court documents begging the judge to keep the 46-year-old actor at least 100 yards away from her at all times.

In the docs … Kelley says Gains has been sending her threatening text messages since they broke up … writing things like “Don’t think I won’t go find your ass. Just keep it up b**ch.”

K.M.P. says Gains is using Facebook to track her down through her friends … and fears “his escalating behavior is going to get worse.” She also claims Gains confessed to her that he was abusive towards past girlfriends.

Kelley states, “I am scared that [Gains] may be following me or stalking me … [his] behavior is terrifying and making me fearful of my life.”

So, that’s one person who claims his crazy behavior isn’t limited to cornfields.

And, just because we can, below is a photo of his actual living room. If you meet him at a horror convention, and he invites you home, remember to bring your own Windex.

Nobody got this one right, despite Chucky’s red hair being a big clue. Better luck next time!

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courtney gaines apartment


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5 comments to House Of Crazy

  • NurseRozetta

    Love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lunatic psychoooooo

  • mrsjaymack

    Wow! Definitely craziness. Aside from Children of the Corn, I remember him best from Can’t Buy Me Love lol.

  • QuietUk

    I blame Rease Weatherspoon (photo) I can just see her in a pair of rubber gloves washing everything in sight with Windex. He probably just got in the way the first time and it stuck. LOL

  • Katmandu

    Everyone is laughing and freaking out over this, but look up Morgellon’s and you will see they are actually afflicted (even if it is all in their heads). Joni Mitchell is another celebrity who thinks she’s got bugs, too.