Five Blunts A Day

[Mouth To Ears] We know that this pop star likes to puff puff, but we are not sure about the pass.

This pop star has had incredible success. Who would have thought a single teen mom could raise such a great child?

Since he is not from the US, he still has strong ties in his country. He recently met a important public [figure], and word is he was HIGH.

Seems like he is following in his mentor’s footsteps with the on-and-off relationship he has been having with his girlfriend.

What is the problem, you ask? He likes to smoke! Not just one blunt… we are talking 4 to 5 a day. Oh, yes, this pop star is said to be on Snoop Dogg status.

But we hope he slows it down soon. You never know. Next time he gets chased down by reporters, the highway patrol just may look into his eyes instead of asking for a autograph.

Pop Star:

Important Public Figure:



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  1. mssupergirl1595 says

    Pop Star: Justin Bieber

    Important Public Figure: Canadian Prime Minister

    Mentor: Usher

    Girlfriend: Selena Gomez