Comedian Blames Everyone Else

[Hollywood  Street King] He’s a comedian who may have done well in the 90′s from his former MADtv gig, but our now 37-year-old blind item [subject] is said to be facing tough financial times. That’s because source say our mystery man’s latest comedy DVD “Hollywood Look I’m Smiling” tanked – selling a total of just 5405 copies.

We’re told our blind item [subject] lacks in management of his money. This while sources say he moves like a show girl – quick to place blame on others. And – that show girl comparison is something that could be well deserved. Know why? Because sources say our blind item [subject] features a make-out session with an invisible male friend in his stand-up routine.

Word is our mystery man’s stand-up comedy routine has long peaked, leaving this funny man in the old news category. That’s what’s said to have led our blind item [subject] running around Tinseltown claiming, “my manager ripped me off“.

One industry insider has since voiced their concern for our mystery man, saying our blind item [subject] would do himself a big favor by putting down the bottle – and retire his Shaquille O’Neal impression. Know why? Because both practices are said to be played out.

Now, sources say only a few bullshit out-of-town promoters are the ones who will book our blind item [subject] and his tired act. Can you guess who I’m talking about?

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