Funny Guy’s Marriage Is In Trouble

[Blind Gossip] This funny guy – who is the star of a television show – is not laughing about the state of his relationship. He and his wife have been struggling to add to their family, there have been many fights along the way, and their marriage is currently in trouble.

The first fight occurred when they both went through a series of fertility tests. One of the tests he took came back positive… for herpes. It turned out to be a false positive, but they did have a huge fight over it.

The second fight happened when they figured out that they could not conceive on their own. She is unable to bear children, and he feels like that was something she should have known and told him about before they married.

The third fight happened when the wife’s close friend – the celebrity who originally set them up – became pregnant this year. The celebrity is younger than the wife, and although the couple is genuinely happy for her, it just reinforced their own futility in getting pregnant.

The latest fight came after they hired a surrogate to carry a baby. They used his sperm and a donor egg. The surrogate did get pregnant… but unfortunately had a miscarriage a few months into the process.

The couple now has to start over again from scratch (if their marriage survives the fighting).

We will probably never be able to solve this one officially, but if you stay up late enough, you should be able to get to the root of the funny guy’s identity.

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