Young Star Is In Danger

[Blind Gossip] This young star is in danger. There is a huge gap between what is publicly being reported about him, and what is really going on in his private life.

Public: He is a clean-cut guy.

Private: He parties every day, and consumes copious amounts of alcohol, c*caine, and h*roin.

Public: He dates beautiful, famous, “nice” girls. He is currently single, and is looking for a nice, clean-cut girl to settle down with.

Private: His last girlfriend was his drug dealer, and his current girlfriend is a hard-partying, older woman who is using him to promote her business.

Public: He is a healthy and well-groomed.

Private: He rarely showers or brushes his teeth because his new girlfriend has told him that it is better to be “natural”.

Public: He is a good Christian boy.

Private: He is telling friends that he now worships Satan. He is practicing “black magic” and some sort of dark religion (witchcraft?) with his new girlfriend.

Public: He had a wonderful Thanksgiving at home with his family.

Private: He told his family over Thanksgiving that he doesn’t believe in God anymore. His family completely freaked out at the news. He got into a huge fight with his father about it, and he and his girlfriend wound up hopping a plane early so that he could go home and shoot up some more heroin.

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