Chasing Brigitte Nielsen

[Blind Gossip] This famous actor has always come across as a good guy, a good husband, and a good father. It’s hard to imagine him as anything but a good guy. Well, we have a little story that may dispel that notion.

When he was married to this famous actress, he was not exactly faithful. When he traveled on business, he liked to pick up random women.

He would go to a local bar, check out the women, and select one for the evening. His woman of choice usually looked like Brigitte Nielsen in her prime: six feet tall, with short, blonde hair. Basically, someone who looked exactly the opposite of his wife.

When he took the girl back to his hotel room, he never wanted to have regular intercourse. It was all backdoor action for him. No, the fact that he was married with children at the time didn’t seem to be a factor at all in his decision to have unprotected sex with a random stranger.

Both he and his ex-wife have moved on, but we do wonder if she knew about his constant cheating. We also wonder if he cheats on his current wife. Why? Because she doesn’t look like Brigitte Nielsen either!




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