Star’s Wife Almost Ended Surrogacy

[Blind Gossip] This award-winning film actor is Hollywood royalty. He and his wife, who have been married for more than 5 years, decided that they wanted a baby to complete their family.

They chose the surrogacy route. Because they are celebrities, they worked through an agency, and chose to remain anonymous throughout the process.

The surrogate was successfully impregnated, and everything was going well. But then, she got curious. She started talking. A lot. “Who are the parents? Are they celebrities? Are they royalty? Are they in The Mafia? Why is their identity such a secret?”

When the star and his wife found out that the surrogate was determined to know the parents’ identity, they were furious! The wife told agency, “How dare she! Let her abort it. I don’t care.”

The agency staff was shocked, and scrambled to fix the situation. They reminded the surrogate that she signed a contract and was receiving big $$$ for the baby. She eventually carried the pregnancy to term, the couple got the baby, the surrogate got the money… and she still doesn’t know that she carried this star’s baby.

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