Wedding Planner Butts Heads


[EOnline] From TV Scoop Spoiler Chat: Scoop on Once, Grey’s, Happy Endings, New Girl, Revenge, Big Bang Theory or all of the above?

Yowza, that is quite a list. How about we give you scoop that is related to one of those shows? But here is the kicker: We won’t tell you which show it is. In episode 12, a wedding planner will be involved and she will butt heads with a main character. Who’s headed down the aisle? Now, we can’t tell you that! So start speculating!

TV Show:

Couple getting married:


From EOnline:

A couple weeks ago you had a blind item about a wedding, and you eliminated Once Upon a Time from the list. Can you eliminate another one? Or two? Or all but one?!

Now you’re getting greedy. We will eliminate one more: Big Bang Theory. That leaves New Girl, Revenge, Grey’s Anatomy and Happy Endings. Get to speculating some more!


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