Anchor Witch

[Hollywood Street King] This week’s blind item is a television news anchor for Detroit’s Channel 4 WDIV. She’s the ex-wife of an American football running back who’s listed as one of the greatest players in the game.

Our blind item is said to have dated a slew of people – and even messed around with other men while married. That’s exactly why insiders say her marriage to her NFL husband ended in divorce.

Our blind item ran through the Detroit Pistons when they were the “Bad Boys”, Professional Boxers, Actors and finally the NFL, where she landed the gullible country boy from Oklahoma, who she quickly turned out and dropped a couple of babies out before he knew what hit him.

A source told me our blind item is a witch who practices the WICCA religion – and is attached to some very powerful people who also practice the “dark arts” at a very, very high level. But again, that is another story.

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