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[Blind Gossip] This pretty actress has been missing in action for the past week. While she should have been out promoting her new project, she has been claiming that she can’t because of the weather in New York.

That’s odd. Other cast members have managed to get flights out. And even if she was stuck in New York, she certainly could have done appearances on the New York-based morning shows.

So what’s really going on here? Well, what she isn’t saying is that she actually isn’t in any shape to be seen in public.

One of our spies saw her a few days after Sandy hit. She was sitting alone in the corner of a casual restaurant, wearing giant sunglasses. When she lifted up her sunglasses to read some papers she brought with her, our spy noticed that she was sporting a rather shocking accessory… a giant black eye! When she saw people staring at her, she grew uncomfortable, gathered her things, and left.

We don’t know if the black eye was the result of plastic surgery, an accident, or something more sinister… but it was definitely the kind of injury that even makeup couldn’t hide.




It’s Ashley Greene from Twilight! Source:

A couple of days after Hurricane Sandy, Ashley Greene was spotted at La Bonbonniere, a diner-like joint in New York City’s West Village (the burgers are greasy, but try the chocolate shake!).

Ashley was sitting at a corner table, sporting large sunglasses. It wasn’t much of a disguise, though, as she was easily recognized by the other diners. When she noticed people staring at her, she grew fidgety, gathered her things, and left. However, according to the other diners, even a heavy dose of concealer couldn’t cover up the fact that she was sporting a shiner.

Ashley was totally MIA from all Breaking Dawn promotions for more than a week. She could have easily done interviews on Live with Kelly and Michael or The Today Show or Good Morning America (which all tape in New York) during that time… but she didn’t.

She didn’t post any pics of herself on Twitter during that time, either. Her only tweets were about how sad she was that she couldn’t get a flight out of NY (although her other castmates in NY somehow managed to get out of the city). And while Kelly Ripa and Anderson Cooper and other New Yorkers were tweeting up a storm about the storm, Ashley Greene was very, very quiet for over a week. Coincidentally, a black eye only takes about a week to heal.

Ashley Greene appeared on The Today Show in New York City this morning, looking very pulled together with a new hairdo and with nary a trace of trauma marring her pretty face. She didn’t mention a word about the past two weeks, though. Wonder why?

Lots of you got this one right! Nartalart was first, and KookyWooky picked the correct project. Congratulations!

LonelyDroid made an interesting comment: “I read an article on E! explaining why she’s been absent from promo and blaming it on the weather. I remember thinking it was ridiculous and didn’t warrant the press release as if it was this important news. It must have been her people trying to deflect suspicions…”. New Belgium added “If you know anything about Ashley Greene, you know she never misses an opportunity to get photographed on a red carpet or do an interview. And yet she’s been conspicuously absent the past several days while the other Twilight cast members have been in full promotion swing. It doesn’t add up with Ashley’s past project promotion behavior, so she’s my guess for this BI.”

Bingo, LD and NB!

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