So Close

[Blind Gossip] He’s been through so many relationships (always with notable women) that it may be hard to picture this famous actor settling down. However, he was ready. He was about to propose to his girlfriend. He liked the fact that she was a little cool and independent, and that she let him live his life as he had before he met her. He sank over $1 million into a huge rock. He was going to propose over the upcoming holidays. She was the one.

However, she got wind of his plans, and her behavior shifted. She became more demanding and possessive, which completely annoyed him. They fought, and broke up. If she had just remained as aloof as she had been at the beginning of the relationship, she would have had that ring on her finger this year. So close!

But, as it is, she goes back into the dating pool for some other actor or musician. And him? He has already started trolling the waters for a newer, shinier, model.


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