[Blind Gossip] He is her fiancé in name only. He is really her employee. He is paid a very handsome salary to keep her in sight at all times so that there is no chance for slippage (alcohol, dr*gs, unseemly friends). He takes his job seriously, but even he gets frustrated with having to spend so much time with her. He thinks she is incredibly immature, and snickers behind her back about how dumb she is. Neither of them is happy about the arrangement, but for now, it’s necessary.



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It’s Britney Spears and Jason Trawick! Source:

Britney Spears and Jason Trawick recently announced that they have broken up. Some say that he was cheating on her. Some say that he was tired of spending each day living and working with her. Others attribute it to a difference in opinion as to whether or not they should have more children.

Yes, there has been lots of speculation about what broke up their love relationship. Well, we say: You can’t break up what isn’t together in the first place.

It was a business relationship, people! And frankly, the arrangement, although temporary, may have saved her reputation, her career, her family, her finances, and her life.

Forbes did a really good piece today on her conservatorship, and its impact over time. Here are the first few paragraphs. You can read the entire article at

When Will Britney Spears Be Free Of Conservatorship?

The Britney Spears conservatorship saga has nearly reached its fifth year anniversary. We all remember her shaved head, public meltdowns, and wild paparazzi photographs. Her career, her relationship with her children, and even her life were all spinning dangerously out of control.

Compare that to her life now, five years later. Thirty-one-year-old Britney looks a great deal different from twenty-six-year-old Britney. She was just paid $15 million for one season’s work as a judge on the X Factor. Was she the best judge around? That’s debatable. There were reports that Simon Cowell wouldn’t have her back for another season, but it was Britney’s decision to leave X-Factor.

Either way, there’s no debate that Britney seemed … well, very normal. She was mature, composed, even graceful at times. She mentored teenage singers. She held herself together and gave constructive feedback. Britney was reportedly re-energized by the experience and is ready to start releasing new music and touring again.

What thirty-one-year-old Britney doesn’t look like is someone who is legally incompetent, unable to make decisions about her own life.

Conservatorships (and guardianships, as they are called in most states), are among the most drastic court proceedings around. People under conservatorship or guardianship lose the right to make even the most basic decisions for themselves. Getting married, spending money, choosing where to live, visiting doctors … people like Britney Spears can make none of those decisions for themselves.

These are legal proceedings normally saved for elderly individuals with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, or people with severe developmental disabilities. They are necessary to help those who are unable to protect themselves. They weren’t created as a legal means to protect valuable careers.

Britney’s situation was supposed to improve when she became engaged to her agent, Jason Trawick. He became her co-conservator for non-financial decisions, along with Britney’s father, James Spears. James and an attorney remain in control of all of her financial matters.

This past Friday, Jason Trawick was permitted to resign as her co-conservator and the engagement was called off. The former couple released statements touting how much they still care for each other, but they mutually decided to end it. Britney’s publicist called it a “difficult decision made by two mature adults.” But, only one of those adults is considered mature enough to make his own decisions in life.

Perez Hilton blogged that the reason for the break-up was that Britney resented Trawick controlling her life and acting as a babysitter rather than a romantic partner. There have been many reports before that Spears was fed up with the conservatorship and being treated like a child with no rights over her own life.

However, Britney is said to have a psychological condition, such as bipolar disorder, that justifies the continued need for conservatorship. Obviously, there is a great deal about her situation that the general public doesn’t know. But many people have psychological disorders without having their most basic rights stripped away from them. The question is, for how long does her condition and past meltdowns continue to justify this extreme remedy?

There is no question that Britney’s father, James Spears, did the right thing filing for conservatorship to protect her. He likely saved her life, and certainly saved her career. Under his management, her assets grew to $27.5 million by the end of 2010, according to accounting records filed in the conservatorship. Surely that figure has grown significantly through 2012.

But, does that justify the conservatorship indefinitely? Shouldn’t Britney be given a second chance to live her life as an adult at some point? Will it take another five years? Longer?

It’s the end of a business relationship. There was no cheating, no huge blowups, no arguments about kids. Although they have broken up, and their business relationship has been severed, Jason was paid handsomely for his time, and the two are still friends.

Lots of you got this right. Incuriosity was first!

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