President Obama Was Supposed To Help Him

[Hollywood Street King] Today’s blind item seems to have formed a hit list against a group of entertainment’s popular players. That’s because our mystery man turned sour after his former friend and mentor didn’t hold true to his promise of helping our blind item return to the United States. Because our blind item is forced to remain abroad, the very Commander In Chief of this country isn’t his favored Presidential candidate.

Here’s what what our blind item had to say about President Obama:

“For whatever reason President Obama don’t see the benefit that I bring to the African and Latin-American impoverished communities throughout the United States of America.

He doesn’t seem to get the fact that there is nobody more qualified than myself to speak to these kids in an honest way with integrity, that can influence them to change their lives and turn their lives around.

He doesn’t get the fact that I’m the spokesperson to combat the violence in inner cities. But we working on getting that visa, so I should be in the United States in March of 2013, with or without Obama.”

Being a lyricist himself, the success of one machine-made “rapper” – a former Degrassi: The Next Generation actor – only added to our mystery man’s disappointment given his lack of rap skills. That’s why our blind item publicly revolted against the Canadian kid. But the Toronto entertainer doesn’t stand alone on our blind item’s hit list — being followed closely by Kendrick Lamar, who our mystery man recently said is a talented lyricist being represented by disappointing product.

He may claim to be fitting to help inner city kids become the best they can be, but he titled his recently released mixtape “Gangland” – featuring the hit street anthem ‘Meyer Lansky’.

Can you guess who I’m talking about?

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