Down Low Soul Legend

[Hollywood Street King] I was a soul legend in my day, making women wreck their panties from coast to coast. I went solo after being the voice behind an iconic group that had another leader, but singers today, like Jaheim, still bite my style.

No one outside of my hometown suspected a thing when 3 or 4 of my hits exploded on the disco and underground gay dance scene. That’s because I worked hard to hide my taste for an alternative lifestyle, like my secret love for men who dressed like women. There were clubs for that popping up all over New York, Philly and Chicago.

My label decided I would be the first black man they would market as a sex symbol. Being a switch hitter, I could play it off with women. I was having 3 ways with my he-shes and the wife of a hometown hoop legend who was known for his huge fro and hang-time. We didn’t call it down-low in those days, but that’s what it was. I would just deny it when anyone asked.

It all came crashing down in 1982 when I veered off the road while gettin’ some head and hit two trees. I never walked again. The shit really hit the fan when the press found out the she was a he that was gobblin’ my wood.

Who am I?

Who is the hoop legend?

What town did we kick it in?

What was the group with another leader?

Bonus: What was the tranny’s name?


Soul Legend:

Hoop Legend:




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