Financially And Morally Bankrupt


[Blind Gossip] This reality star is the lowest of the low. Although she has the house, cars, wardrobe, jewelry and attitude to make you think that she is rolling in money, she and her husband are actually broke.

While their bankruptcy is inevitable, there’s one extra sinister fact here. She and her husband used their fame to raise money for a well-known charity… and then kept the money they raised! And – having gotten away with it once – they are now getting involved with another charitable group. They think that talking about their charity work will make them appear more likable and sympathetic on the show.

By the way, the producers of the show know all about this. However, they like this cast member, and would rather target other cast members for negative story lines. So instead of speaking up, they will give this cast member a free pass to continue to criticize and berate other cast members, all while living a phony life of bankruptcy, thievery, and general sliminess.

Reality Star:


Charity from which they stole:

New Charity:

jacqueline lauritaSOLVED!

It’s Jacqueline Laurita from The Real Housewives of New Jersey! Source:

Reality Star: Jacqueline Laurita

Show: Real Housewives of New Jersey

Charity from which they stole: Susan G. Komen Foundation

New Charity: Autism Speaks

The castmates of The Real Housewives of New Jersey are probably having a field day watching Teresa Giudice and her family go down in flames over a series of financial scams.

Well, except for Jacqueline Laurita. She’s been deflecting comments about the Tre and Juicy Joe story:

jacqueline laurita tweet

Why is Jacqueline not commenting on the story? Is it because she is nice? Nah!

It’s probably because she has some seriously questionable finances of her own, including a bankruptcy and a huge tax lien!

In one financial scam, she and her husband, Chris printed up and sold shirts that they said would benefit the Susan G. Komen Cancer Foundation. They sold a total of $18,000 of t-shirts, and collected the money.

But they never gave the money to the charity! Instead they kept it for themselves and used it to finance their lavish lifestyle. To add insult to injury, they included the Susan G. Komen Foundation as a creditor when the company that they own and manage, Signature Apparel, declared bankruptcy.

Of course, Jacqueline and her husband have canned responses whenever anyone asks them about their shady financial dealings. They always say that it’s a business bankruptcy (Signature Apparel), and that it has nothing to do with their personal finances.

But what Jacqueline fails to disclose is that the Lauritas fraudulently diverted funds from the company for their personal use in excess of $7,800,000.

From Christian Post:

“Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Jacqueline Laurita reportedly owes more than $330,000 in back taxes and the reality TV star is being urged to pay up immediately or face further action.

The NJ Division of Taxation recently filed a $338,337.05 tax lien against Laurita, 42, and while documents do not specify the years for which she owes, officials are threatening to seize her assets if payment is not made soon, according to

Laurita and her husband Chris are currently in the midst of a bankruptcy regarding Signature Apparel, which is a company that was founded by Chris and his brother Joseph Laurita in 2005.

All three are accused of draining the company of all its funds in order to support their families’ lavish lifestyles and subsequently they are being sued for approximately $7,804,227.

“The Laurita brothers soon drained the Company of all of its funds and assets in order to support their families’ increasingly opulent lifestyle of private jets, limousines, extravagant parties, premium automobiles, designer clothing, ostentatious home furnishings and lavish vacations,” the complaint that was filed on November 2, 2010, reads.

Last year, Jacqueline said that her son was diagnosed with autism, and that it would become a major part of her storyline. The new charity for which Jacqueline is shilling is Autism Speaks. Do these people know that Jacqueline and her husband (who is Caroline Manzo’s brother) have a history of using charities for their own personal gain?

Here’s hoping that the law catches up to Jacqueline Laurita and her husband soon!

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10 comments to Financially And Morally Bankrupt

  • ValleyOfTheGalls

    I’m glad this was published today. I admit that I love to watch RHONJ, and I’m on Theresa’s side. I wish Juicy would get full blame, be deported, and leave Tre free to pay a fine and find a nice guido to take care of her and the girls. I can’t see her master-minding the loan scam. I can see her signing what he tells her to sign. Fingers Xd.
    Jacqueline is a trouble making dirt-bag. Remember the lies she told after the tacky fashion show? What a loser. I believe she’s a severely bipolar woman with a serious addiction to prescription drugs. Maybe that’s what life as a Vegas prostitute does to a person, it’s still no excuse to steal from a charity. She deserves to have that big fat bulbous head. HA!

    • LooLoo

      She may have signed some things that were put in front of her, but she’s an adult. She is legally and morally culpable for everything she puts her signature on. “My husband is a jerk” is not a legal defense. I don’t think that it all came down to that, though. I’ll bet she had a lot to do with planning these frauds, especially in faking documents to get loans. I would see her hands all over that one. I could be wrong, but she seems like the scheming type who would do whatever she wanted to do to get her hands on more money and more stuff to rub other people’s noses in.

    • august

      How can anyone side w/ any of them , when it’s fake?
      They ( The Director’s) tell them who’s going to be mad or the bad guy.
      They are cheats and NOW we know.

    • ktbell05

      VOTG-you said it 100% right.

  • What Had Happened Was ...

    Good! I hope she and her husband are next to go down, though on the surface Chris seems like a normal, likable guy. But Jacq is very delusional, crazy and disturbed, and I’ll be so glad to never see or hear from her unstable ass again!

  • annasophie

    i’m beginning to think that the producers know all about every shadyass tricky housewife they hire and just wait for their true beastly natures to explode on behalf of ratings.

    • sugarbread

      drama sells.. on the way up and when the kings and queens have their mighty fall…bravo knows this.. it’s up to the irs to bring them down and you never know if someone from bravo tipped irs off.

  • ktbell05

    This show is a POS and I bet my life that every single “housewife” is broke and pathetic.

  • ktbell05

    and hey…..I heard stripping makes good monayyyyy

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