Ungrateful God

[Hollywood Street King] He’s a self-noted “God” who was recently awarded the Hip Hop Icon Award — yet some see him as nothing more than an ungrateful cr*ckhead j*nkie.

Our mystery man originally hails from a group which recently celebrated their 25th anniversary — they are a pair who have long severed ties. So, it’s no surprise that despite the fact that our blind item [subject] was put on by another — both he and the folks over at BET Hip Hop Awards displayed utter disrespect, during the awards ceremony, by failing to recognize the legendary hip hop figure responsible for our mystery man’s discovery — refusing to even speak his name.

We’re talking about a man who — after he discovered our blind item [subject] — once footed all of the recording studio bills, gave our blind item the swag he became famous for, helped to form our mystery man’s image, aided in the birth of our blind item’s then-futuristic music videos, lent his hand in making our blind item a millionaire, and struggled with our blind item to keep him off cr*ck-c*caine throughout his career. After all of that, our shameless blind item didn’t even grant his mentor a ‘thank you’.

That’s because we’re told our blind item and DJ Premier worked closely with Stephen Hill and the BET staff to betray our blind item’s original mentor and partner. Now, some say if Hill and BET really gave a damn about our blind item – they would have taken all of the energy they put into striking his protege’s name, and put it into helping our blind item kick his long time dr*g add*ction. Know why? Because even from his appearance, it’s evident our blind item is still using. Don’t you agree?

Seeing our blind item take the BET Awards stage to deliver his bullshit speech reminded me of the dark reality that a crackhead wouldn’t think twice in betraying a friend for a trophy — going as far as selling his publishing for a all time low of $150K.

Award Winner:


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