Like Robert DeNiro 1976

[Lainey Gossip] One of my favourite stories is about how one of the most powerful, acclaimed actors in the business hates his younger counterpart, even though he chose him to be in his movie, because the younger one is way too arrogant and precious about his talent. Senior refers to him as “the kid who isn’t American but somehow talks like DeNiro 1976 — f-ck him”. That cracks me up. Does that help at all?

Powerful Actor:

Younger Actor:

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  1. Sensibleguess says

    How about George Clooney as the most powerful, who as I understand wanted Ryan Gosling as his costar for The Ides of March, and well…this is hilarious! Ego vs. Ego. Who would win in a Narcissus style stare-off competition of themselves in a mirror? Ha! Methinks it would be a tie. :)