And The Winner Is


[Blind Gossip] Do you want to know the winner of a reality television series before the final episode airs?

If you do, proceed.

If not, turn back now….

Warning: Spoiler Ahead! This reality television series will be announcing a winner soon.

Our inside sources have already told us who it is!

They live in a major US city.

They have no facial hair.

They would look silly wearing a sash and crown.

We will solve this in the next 24 hours.




The Winner of Project Runway will be (DO NOT proceed if you want to be surprised tonight!) …

Dmitry Sholokhov! Source:

Dmitry, who lives in New York City, will outshine designers Melissa Fleis, Christopher Palu, and Fabio Costa for the win!

A photo of his final collection is below. Dmitry says that he was “inspired by organic architecture”, and his collection certainly has very structured, architectural elements.

Congratulations, Dmitry!

And congratulations to Glitter, who was the first Blinder to guess this one correctly!

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