Splitter Quitter Twitter

[Hollywood Street King] Our blind item [subject] today is clueless. Her divorce from Emmanuel Xuereb, two-years ago, came after claims of a marriage filled with vi*lence and ab*se. That’s why she filed for a restraining order against Xuereb.

After the split was finalized, our blind item began a publicized relationship with Jamie Foxx. That’s because she wanted to get back to work as an actress. She became a Single Lady, but that didn’t last long. Know why? Because our blind item believed she should have been paid more, and is said to have viewed her former cast members as being beneath her. Supremacy could have been a fitting project for our mystery lady, but she was fired. Don’t believe me… Ask Lela Rochon.

This before our blind item took it back to using c*caine, leading her to be rushed to hospital after suffering a dr*g overd*se. But, her PR people would want you to believe she was seeking medical attention for dehydration.

Just this past, Friday, she took to Twitter to show her support for Romney. In addition to being a proud Republican, she’s now a singer — set to release a song and video soon.

Some say it was her seven-year marriage to Christopher Williams that drove her crazy. Know why? Because the couple not only got high together but they also physically ab*sed each other. Don’t believe me… Ask her 20-year-old son, Austin.

Can you guess who I’m talking about?

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