His Costar Was A Total Freak

[Hollywood Street King] I was a big time t.v. star with a big time ego in the 80′s. I played a detective along side a wild and crazy white dude. It was the coolest show on television.

I’m a born again Christian and have a sh*tload of kids. What folks didn’t know was that back in the day, the white co-star dude was a total freak and coke fiend. Not only that, he was constantly hitting on me. He was bi-sexual.

He was smashing A-lists dudes, chicks, rock stars, groupies, you name it. I managed to dodge his advances, but a couple of times we did three-ways with a lil jumpoff and I had to watch my ass crack.

He was smoking coke and doing lines and blowing cats right in front of me. I’ve had some financial hardship since our show ended. He got another one, I got a psychic hotline and some dried up Dionne Warwick coochie.

I won a major breach of contract lawsuit when I got fired for a broad with a fake accent who never showered. Thanks to Centric I can eat again.

Who am I?  Who was my white co-star? And what the hell happened to my career?

TV Star:

White Costar:

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  1. Booboo1068 says

    Agreed. But if this BI is about them it does ruin the old fantasy just a bit. And it’s about being gay or bi. Ricky Martin is still sexy as hell to me!

  2. Booboo1068 says

    Oops…sooty again…meant to say NOT about being gay. Seriously am I the only who fights with their iPad’s virtual keyboard?