Dissing Gays On Wax

[Hollywood Street King] Today’s blind item is said to be one of the best rappers/producers in hip hop history. Don’t believe me… Ask Michael Rapaport.

He was crowned with his stage name by Afrika Baby Bam, who – like our blind item [subject] – is a suspected gay rapper.

As a fighter — He once knocked out a member of his rap group. Know why? Because his rap buddy, Phife Dawg, called him gay. Our mystery man also once broke a man’s jaw for disrespecting his BFF, Leonardo DiCaprio. As a lover — he’s been connected to known Hollywood beards, Janet Jackson and Nicole Kidman.

During the 90′s, our blind item [subject] changed his name to Kamaal Ibm John Fareed. This before critics questioned our blind item’s Muslim motive, with his mentioning about dreaming about Busta Rhymes on one of his tracks.

Gay rumors surrounding our blind item started to spread, leading he and his group to do damage control by dissing gays on wax. It was a song which Jive Records decided not to release, but the lyrics laid live.

Here is a portion of lyrics from that track: “There was Adam and Eve but someone make it look like it was Adam and Steve.”

Now, he’s signed to Kanye West. Together, these two rappers will tell you to expect a “Cruel Winter”.

Can you guess who I’m talking about?

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