Ask JayZ and Nicki Minaj

[Hollywood Street King] When our blind item [subject] was an underage female lyricist, a slew of older male rappers passed her around and had their way with her. Don’t believe me… Ask Jay Z.

Because this New Yorker was abused by numerous men – both within the music business, and outside of it – may have caused her the necessity of eventually undergoing anger management counseling. That’s something which her ex-boyfriend, known Brooklyn street pimp Roshawn Anthony, can confirm.

Our mystery lady once made headlines after she took off from an upscale Big Apple shop, with $1000 worth of stolen merchandise. Today, she’s in bad shape – both physically and financially – leading others within the entertainment industry be worried she may soon pen a tell-all, detailing what she knows. That’s why insiders have revealed the music industry is working to keep our blind item [subject] appearing crazy. Know why? Because with a reputation of being insane following her, when she does blow the whistle – she won’t appear to be credible. Don’t believe me… Ask Nicki Minaj.

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