Rapper On Roids

[Hollywood Street King] Who am I? I’m considered a rap legend, yet I seem to have run out of ideas. That’s why even my ghost writers have proven to not be able save me.

As a rapper, I don’t appear to have much talent, and my producing abilities are no different than P Diddy’s – recycling beats, rather than creating new sounds. Despite all of that, I’ve fooled the masses – with countless fans continuing to bow down.

My new entertainment deal has landed me at the top of the earners list, and my two proteges are doing their jobs in keeping my name out and relevant. Though business is good, my rampant steroid use may be affecting my memory and focus.

My wife is quite possibly the world’s best beard, yet I’m known for sporting more make-up than she does. Inner feelings of me having a strange man-crush on my new artist is the word that’s beginning to spread. This after my last crush left me for a boxer.

My new album has become some bizarre urban myth, yet I’ve had beef with so many rappers that it ain’t even funny. That’s why my fear of one mogul led to my becoming a recluse, cause he was still extorting me long after I left that game. So, I recently called his PO to rat on his ass and hoped to get a protective order.

Can you guess – Who am I?

Who is my new artist?

Who is the one who left me?

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