Singer Cheats And Steals

[Hollywood Street King] The singer at the center of this ‘Who’s Jacky Talking About?‘ was recently revealed to have had a secret affair with a woman who once served as his manager. He would claim his decision to mix business with pleasure didn’t lead him to ultimately fired the woman, but even his wife Claudinette would agree, that’s far from being the truth.

Our mystery man’s marriage was also rocked by another affair which led him to live a lovechild scare, sparked by a former group member of his. Just ask Wendy Williams, who our blind item once explained – when visiting the baby, he discovered the child looked nothing like him.

He’s a man who once launched a charity aimed at helping the victims of a Haitian natural disaster. That’s before he and his gangsta buddy were caught stealing money from the charity. I would tell you to ask Jimmy Henchman, but he’s locked-up – where he’s penning his own memoir.

Word from the Big Apple is pointing to our mystery man as one who’s being faced with financial hardship. That’s exactly why sources say he decided to throw Lauryn Hill under the bus, in his recently released read.

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