Still Paying For Old Mistakes

[Blind Gossip]  This pretty and talented actress has done some growing up, but she continues to be haunted by her past.

When she started out in Hollywood, she was willing to do whatever it took to get a job, and she entered into a full-fledged affair with a major Hollywood producer. After her career started taking off, she tried to end the relationship with The Producer. The Producer got very angry, and tried to sabotage her career, including telling every other director and producer in town that she was a “total sl*t” and “a machine in bed” and that they should require her to put out for a role.

Since then, she has had difficulty landing good roles. She is much more mature and self-aware now and tries to land jobs based strictly on her talent, but her reputation precedes her. Stories about her from years ago are told as if they happened only yesterday. We’ve heard that she “totally kills in auditions”, but the producers or directors frequently offer to give her the gig only if she will put out. She winds up walking away. She walks away a lot.

Since she has only been landing the occasional television or film role here and there, she has now turned to the theater. The good news is that she is doing really well in her current gig. The cast and crew uniformly agree that she is both a great actress and a great person to work with. She tells people that she is doing theater because she enjoys being close to home. But the truth is that she would rather be back on the big screen… if she could only figure out a way to do so without being haunted by her past. She has clearly grown up. How long should she pay for mistakes she made years ago?



Current gig:

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