Bitter Will Get The Boot


[Blind Gossip] Bitter started out as the star of this television show, but her holier-than-thou attitude has become tiresome, and her attacks on another cast member are going to backfire on her. The other cast member, who has been surprisingly restrained so far, is threatening to reveal Bitter’s marital crisis and financial woes. We don’t know who Bitter will turn to for support when that happens, as she doesn’t seem to have any friends in real life. Too bad, because she is going to need a shoulder to cry on when she gets the boot from the show. Actually, we wish the producers would simply clean house on this show and start over with a new cast..




Bitter: Caroline Manzo of The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Revealer: Teresa Giudice of The Real Housewives of New Jersey

caroline albert manzoDuring the first season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Caroline Manzo was supposed to be the star. She was going to be the strong matriarch of all the other, younger women, lording over them like some sort of female Mafia boss. You didn’t want to cross Caroline and her fambly.

However, hot-tempered table-flipper Teresa Giudice soon emerged as the real star. Caroline was unhappy about being usurped but couldn’t do a lot about it. Why not? Because Teresa had secrets in her back pocket about Caroline… including info about Caroline’s shady finances and Albert Manzo’s affairs.

Yes, now that you know about Teresa’s own financial shenanigans and marital woes (Teresa is paying off bankruptcy and fraud debts and will be filing for divorce ), it all seems pretty hypocritical, but it did keep Caroline in line at the time.

Caroline couldn’t get rid of Teresa, but she did a lot of petty stuff to try to regain the spotlight, like pushing her dumb kids into the spotlight and inventing cookbook drama to try to make Teresa look like the bad guy. It didn’t really work, and it just made Caroline look bitter and ridiculous. She was angry all the time. Even a trunk full of ham couldn’t cheer her up. Since Caroline could not get along with anyone in the cast (even her own sister didn’t want to film with her), she needed to be pushed out. So Bravo arranged for the infidelity bomb to be dropped.

Interestingly, the reveal about Albert Manzo’s infidelity didn’t come from Teresa Giudice. It came from Penny Drossos, a friend of Teresa’s. We’ll explain why at the end of the story. From Radar Online:

Caroline Manzo’s Cheating Crisis:

Husband Al’s ‘Affair’ REVEALED While Filming Last Season Of ‘RHONJ’

— Plus Why Bravo Covered It Up

On her new Bravo series Manzo’d With Children, matriarch Caroline Manzo’s spunky clan seems like the perfect, loving family.

But can exclusively reveal that there are cracks beneath the surface: The reality star, 53, actually quit The Real Housewives of New Jersey because Teresa Giudice’s frenemy Penny Drossos dropped a shocking bomb about her husband Al’s alleged extramarital activities on camera.

caroline manzo fingerWhile filming the season 5 finale last year at the Moxie Salon party, a source claims that after Caroline accused Drossos of creating drama, the Le Chateau Allure stylist snapped “F**k you, the Jill card is on the table.”

“Caroline ripped off her microphone and bolted out the door,” the insider tells Radar. “That’s the real reason she left the show.”

So who is Jill?

“Jill is Al’s longtime mistress,” the source reveals. “Caroline knew exactly who Penny was talking about, and didn’t want to deal with it.”

Though the entire exchange took place on camera, the dramatic fight was completely edited out of the scene.

“If Caroline wasn’t coming back to the show, there was no reason to air it,” the source explains. “She wouldn’t be back next season to defend herself.”

A source close to Drossos says Bravo producers were actually eager to stir the pot, and encouraged her to confront Caroline about Al’s alleged affair earlier in the season.

Why have Penny – a minor character on RHONJ – drop such a significant plot bomb? Because Bravo was trying to protect their star, Teresa Giudice! They didn’t want her to look like the villain. It worked, too. They got Caroline out, they protected Teresa, and they didn’t even need to show the footage that did it. No, we don’t know why Bravo later gave Caroline her own show. Andy Cohen is weird that way.

Did you catch the clues? Italy is in the shape of a”Boot” and “Clean house” should have pointed you to The Real Housewives franchise.

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6 comments to Bitter Will Get The Boot

  • Tallie

    Bitter: Caroline Manzo

    Revealer: Teresa Guidice

    Some may think other way around, but viewers have known for years about T’s marriage/money problems. Caroline has been attacking T for 2yrs with “holier than thou” attitude.

  • Aurora7247

    Bitter: Caroline Manzo

    Revealer: Teresa Guidice

    Show: The Real Housewives of New Jersey

  • leisawoo

    If you had said, “make the house cleansy” instead of just “clean house”-It would have been a dead giveaway, LOLOLOL!

  • lisako

    Interesting! Can we have more scoop on the financial issues, Ace??

  • QJ201

    She owns one of the biggest catering outfits in North Jersey, of course her finances are shady.

    Actually was at an event catered by her company, have to report the food was excellent. Hrrmph. No shadenfreude.

  • LooLoo

    I will be highly surprised if Teresa files for divorce. She needs to stay married at least until she gets out of jail. She needs to know that her husband will bring them to visit her while she is “away” and take care of things at home. After she gets out, and he has four years behind bars and then a possible deportation, yeah, she might then.