• Rednfreckled says

      I take that back, I researched it and seems as though those women were on steroids. I thought they meant quieter. As for a deeper voice, maybe Azarenka. I refuse to believe Serena is on steroids. She’s just an awesome player. Why can’t us Black women be great without people saying that we’re cheating or something? Geeze.

  1. sophiedg says

    Serena Williams

    (Already submitted this guess with detailed reasoning but didn’t see it as awaiting moderation. Maybe website issue remains?)

  2. amburrito says

    I really hope it’s not one of the Williams sisters! Victoria Azerenka? Her grunt is always mentioned…hmmm

  3. TopChef says

    I know this! Serena. The embolism for which she had surgery last yr is a side effect of steroid use. Also, she has not been tested outside of a tournament (when she can “plan” ahead to avoid detection) in a few yrs.

    Last yr, she locked herself in the panic room of her mansion when the drug tester came.

    She’s doing too well at the tournaments — beating Azarenka & Sharapova, who are both younger and big women — both 6′ or taller — and really can whack the ball.

  4. LiamForeman says

    My world will come crashing down if Serena ever tests positive for PED. I didn’t notice anything unusual about her appearance, in fact this time I thought she looked slimmer and less mannish.

    This blind has to be about her. Azarenka does not look even close to an East German shot-putter. It’s clearly about Serena. I had sooooo much faith in Marion Jones and she was always “Test me. I’m clean”. Until she wasn’t.

    I really couldn’t handle it if Serena tests positive. She’s been a hero for 13 years (even before she was winning Slams).

    Just rumor and jealousy.

  5. What Had Happened Was ... says

    Don’t think it’s Serena Williams. I caught her on Letterman the week following the Olypmics. I must say I was impressed with how feminine she looked and sounded. I know that sounds crazy, but she always had a very masculine look, in my opinion. Her voice was surprisingly “normal” to even high-pitched.

  6. dc reader says

    No doubt. The man Serena. Her career was in jeopardy after her injuries two years ago and now she is back on top in miraculous time. Heard whispers about this use back in 2008 as well.

  7. lovelula87 says

    my mother-in-law plays at sam’s local tennis club, and word on the street is she’s as clean as they come. can’t be her.