One Angry F*cking Boss

[Blind Gossip] She is very stuck up and barely talks to anyone on her staff. When she does, she is very short. She doesn’t yell, but she will make her displeasure clear by either giving you a cold stare or berating you in front of the rest of the staff.

“Are you a f*cking idiot?” is her favorite question. She thinks that you should read her mind and intuitively know what she wants before she even asks for it. It doesn’t matter if you’re new or young or have barely ever spoken to her. You should just know what she wants!

Lately, she has been even more irritable than usual. She told someone on her staff to call and get her tickets to a sold-out concert. When they didn’t get the tickets, she lit into them at a production meeting. “Why the f*ck do I even have you people? I don’t understand why I have to ask for things when you people should already know what the f*ck I want? You’re all a bunch of f*cking morons! Especially you,” she said, pointing at the young staffer. No wonder her entire staff hates her.

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