• CindyB says

      Nooooo! Nick Cannon seems like such a great guy! It seems he really loves her — Hello Kitty! and all.

  1. KeeBoredMembr says

    Well, songbird is almost always used in reference to Mariah, and several other sites are chattering about MC sneaking around with Lenny Kravitz soooo…..that’s my guess.

  2. KeeBoredMembr says

    Plus in Lenny’s song Dig In one of the lyrics talks about “creepin up outta my hometown.”

  3. Emily says

    Mariah carey Is known as a songBIRD.


    Rocker = Lenny kravitz who she wants to join on Idol.


  4. Me Talk Pretty says

    This would match up with all the Lenny Kravitz/Mariah Carey rumors but I hope that’s not true. :(

  5. kermit1969 says

    The Rocker: Bruce Springsteen cheated on first wife with his current wife Patti Scialfa

    Songbird: Patti Smith

  6. irishlass28 says

    Unsure of the rocker (aren’t they all ladies’ men?), but the “Songbird” is Christine McVie from Fleetwood Mac. She wrote the song “Songbird” that appeared on the Rumours album.

  7. eleanorplath says

    Easy. Liam Gallagher.

    Once married to Patsy Kensit. He had a daughter with another woman while married to Kensit, it cost him his marriage.

    He is now married to Nicole Appleton, and wrote her a song called Songbird. There were rumours that he was seeing Lily Allen, a married singer.

    • peanutbuttersolution says

      Thats a good guess but downfront2 writes about black celebrities. So the people in this blind are probably black. If the report came from Morton which is a UK blog then id say you nailed it.

  8. ILoveLucy says

    Mick? But dude is OLD. But he was always messing around when he was married. I am guessing Mick Jagger. That IS creepy! LOL

    • CanaryCry says

      If that’s true, that would be karma for Liam, especially since her stole Nicole from Robbie Williams.

  9. lepidoteran says

    FYI for those of you guessing Mick Jagger, Springsteen, Liam Gallagher … DownFront2 generally focuses on African-American celebs. So some of those guesses aren’t impossible but seem unlikely.

  10. gagirl says

    This is sooo not Lenny & Mariah. I’m inclined to believe she is very happily married to and in love with Nick. Why can’t she just be friends with Lenny?? Sheesh. Besides, he’s never been known as a ladies man and a third party was never the reason for his divorce. Try somebody else…

  11. VexTheVixen says

    Songbird is definitely Mariah Carey. Remember from the comic books that Songbird in the Justice League series used to be called Screaming Mimi? If so, I feel sorry for Nick Cannon. I like the guy. But he has feathered his own nest by publicly saying that he is with her for life and does her bidding, so if she decides to move on, it is going to cost her big time.

    The Rocker had me thrown but I came up with an idea that is so … creepy … that I hate to say it. Have a barf bag handy. Rod Stewart. Reasoning? He is a notorious ladies man. Didn’t he cheat on Rachel Hunter and it cost him that marriage? And the word “creeping” just made me think of him. Maybe I have seen one too many photos of him in a thong in my lifetime. LOL