Quitting Made Him More Angry

[National Enquirer] Which handsome Oscar winner – also known for his profanity-laden outbursts – quit smoking cigarettes and has become even MORE impossible to be around? The actor/director made a grand entrance at a Malibu party by screaming: “I want to tear someone’s face off!” He then explained he’d been nicotine-free for two weeks and was just joking, but guests still kept their distance.

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  1. GingerNaps says

    How about Clint Eastwood screaming profanities at a chair? At 80-something, he’s better-looking than Mel or Sean……

  2. rudy says

    this must be mel.
    he has profanity rants, is (was?) handsome, oscar winner, very accomplished director and actor, and someone who could definitely scare a room full of mostly normal people.

  3. Whisper says


    Actor/director. Owns a ton of property in Malibu. Uses he quit smoking as an excuse to be intimidating. He also says things like ‘I want to tear somebody’s head off’ just because he’s Mel and he can’t help hhimself.

  4. mcwmomma says

    Gess you judgy ones have never tried to quit smoking. Not that I condone physical abuse, or using anything as an excuse for it, but damn, quitting nicotine has been harder than quitting the white stuff. please don’t be so hard on smokers. Yes we decided to start, but we also decided to stop.

    Thanks. {steps down off of soapbox}

  5. ILoveLucy says

    Why doesn’t he become addicted to Nicorette like Jessica Simpson was? Or smoke those electronic ciggys? They supposedly work very well. I quit many many years ago, just decided one day, if I didn’t, I was going to die. Never touched another one. If you really want something just make it happen. he’s going to stroke out or have a heart attack anyway, with all that rage.

    • mcwmomma says

      jessica Simpson became addicted to Nicorette? Wow, I never knew that! And you’re correct, the electrics work pretty well, but that gum is HOrrid! ack!

  6. katt388 says

    I go with Russell (duck there is a phone coming at your head) Crowe. Always been known for his temper and even though he has gained weight – he’s still hot!!

  7. ThinkerBelle says

    So very right! I’ve always wondered if he’s invited to parties or just shows up. He’s like a traveling party foul that you don’t want to see. You can tell from party pix before he arrives and everyone’s having fun & happy. The pix after and everyone’s worried if he’s done bath salts and is about to eat a face.

  8. FairyMay9 says

    Is he even still invited to parties? Bit of a loose canon bad bet parriah these days, no?

    I’m guessing Sean Penn or Alec Baldwin.

  9. stanton says

    Its Mel Gibson. He lives in Malibu and he has a bad temper. he is most likely mad because TMZ just posted that mr mad mel gibson shelled $400 million in his divorce settlement

  10. jasper says

    John Goodman left an impression during his brief stint as President Walken on the West Wing. He was quitting (again) at the time and in a fit of nicotine deprived anger, put his fist through a wall. When was the last time you heard John do anything close to that? Someone else having a blue rant or fit would not be unheard of.

  11. Friday Wonder says

    Hi, long time lurker and now, I am joining in the conversations, yes, it is old mad Mel himself.I have seen my parents in this situation before, in trying to stop smoking,but they never acted the way Mr. Gibson had.

  12. TARDIS blue says

    Yeah, but a couple of years ago the “whos’ who” of Hollywood came out in support of him. Saying it’s been too long, let bygones be bygones, yada, yada, yada. I remember Johnny Depp in particular, it made me very sad to hear him defend what Polanski did.