Drastic Plastic

[National Enquirer] Which former child star from a famous family shocked fans with her drastic plastic surgery during a taping of her new chat show? The TV personality’s body looks amazing, but she’s nipped, tucked and pulled her face so much that people in the audience thought they were there for a new show hosted by Joan Rivers’ daughter Melissa!

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47 comments to Drastic Plastic

  • CoCoJoe

    The ‘after’ pics are convincing, but I hate it when they show 30 year old ‘before’ pics as proof that someone looked better before surgery. Of course, she’s not going to look like her 18 year old self! Sometimes I wonder whether the things we interpret as signs of bad surgery are really just signs of aging. Aging alone really alters the structure of your face.

  • HotTeacher88

    This is Marie, but it went past me because I didn’t think of her as a child star. But it all fits. Her face is a mask of illusion.