Obvious Randy

[Celebzter] He is known for being wayward, that is nothing new. But what is surprising is just how randy this young man is. But what is even more intriguing about this  character is how obvious he is about his sexual  tendencies– this is despite living his life in the glare of the media spotlight.

You see, one girl is not enough to quell his insatiable sexual desires– these days, two seems to do the trick. Not that a mén*ge à trois amongst the famous is that shocking…. but offering two girls $10,000 on the spot at a party, kind of is…

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  1. jasper says

    this, plus I saw a tabloid* cover this afternoon saying His Royal Ginge was paying the girls he was partying with to keep quiet and not release any more photos. This, despite his grandfather’s more recent senior moment flashing some subjects the Royal Jewels whilst sitting in his kilt.

    *(I think it was the tabloid with JT’s lover’s private pixxx?)