A Night With A Big Star

[Blind Gossip] In case this award-winning star’s team picks you out at a concert and asks you if you want to party with him, here’s what you can expect.

You are taken back to his hotel, where you are escorted into a room with half a dozen other girls who look like you – 18 to 25 years old, short, curvy, long hair, dressed in short skirts and tight tops. Some of the girls look like younger versions of Kim Kardashian.

He is seated on the other side of the room, just watching. He doesn’t speak to any of the girls, and you aren’t allowed to speak to him. You are offered alcohol and drugs by his team. The star, who has a mirror with white powder in front of him, selects 4 or 5 of you. The bodyguard then ushers the chosen ones into a large bathroom. He tells you that the star likes his women clean. He tell you all  to strip down and get into the shower together and wash each other. Eventually, the star joins you.

After the shower, you all go to the bed. He directs you to perform acts on each other. He tells each girl that they are beautiful and special. He wants you to compliment his member, which is thin and unimpressive. But he isn’t really looking for conversation and he doesn’t want to know your name. He has unprotected sex with you and each of the other girls. After he is done, he leaves the room. The bodyguard tells you that you have five minutes to get dressed and to leave.

Additional Clue: The star is a singer. It’s his concert.

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  1. tiara107 says

    Something screams Bieber. After a recent story about him hooking up with this girl named Milyn (who’s short, curvy, exotic looking) and claims that there was drugs and alcohol involved, I think this actually might be him.