She Just Got Into A Car Accident


[Blind Gossip]  When you are acting erratically, you are sure to get into trouble eventually. This multi-hyphenate girl got into an accident with her rental car yesterday. Although she is usually seen in Los Angeles, the accident occurred on the East Coast.

She ran the SUV into a pole, and we hear that the car was pretty banged up. It has yet to be determined whether she was under the influence when the accident occurred.

Although she loves to display every minute detail of her life on Twitter, we somehow how doubt she will be tweeting pics of the wrecked car. She is very famous, and those around her are already in motion, doing their best to hush everything up.

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It’s Miley Cyrus! Source:

Miley Cyrus has been visiting with her fiancée Liam Hemsworth in Philadelphia while he shoots the movie Paranoia. Miley has been Tweeting constantly during her time there, and has been spotted running about town, shopping, eating, holding hands with Liam, going down the shore, getting Starbucks, driving around with her new haircut, smoking cigarettes and covering her face.

What you haven’t heard about – the one thing she hasn’t been Tweeting about – is the car accident.

The story that is being told is that Miley ran into a pole or pillar in a parking garage. Take a look at the photo below. That is allegedly Miley’s rental car, smashed in the side. How do you run into a pole or pillar sideways?

There were no injuries. No arrests. She got a new rental car. It would all be pretty forgettable except for two things:

Miley Cyrus is constantly in the news for everything she says or does or eats or wears. You know that she got a hair cut, wore a see-through blouse, and was caught smoking this week, right? Yet there’s not a single mention of this accident! Not a peep. She just dropped off of Twitter on Wednesday night, after the accident happened, and then re-emerged two days later on Friday with a comment about having slept late.

When a celebrity gets in an accident, the paparazzi and the tabloids are usually all over it. If Britney Spears even dents a fender, it’s all over the news. Yet this event has been kept very, very quiet.

What was Miley doing before, during, and after the accident? Is there something that Miley doesn’t want you to know? Apparently, there is. Or maybe we are just experiencing… Paranoia.

Lots of you got this right, but Tru Leigh was first! Right, Tru Leigh?

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