Ice Cream Games: Tuesday-Wednesday

Dear Blinders,

We’ve been receiving some really weird submissions for this contest. Clearly we need to a better job explaining what we want. Let’s try again.

TODAY’S GAME: Blind Gossip Hand Art Contest

You know how we sometimes use a photo of a hand with 5 fingers to illustrate a BG12345? Well, we want to feature your hand on an upcoming BG12345!

Take a hand, any hand – your hand, your kid’s hand, a random hand you find on the internet. If you’re not clear on what a hand looks like, that is a hand in the picture on the left.

Write, paint, or digitally image the words “Blind Gossip” ORĀ  “” OR “I love Blind Gossip” OR “BG12345″, ON OR AROUND THE HAND.

Then email your photo or image to us at by Wednesday, 12:00 9:00 PM EDT. Your user name or login name should be placed in the “Subject” line of the email so we can properly credit you.

TODAY’S PRIZE: FIVE winners will each receive a $20 gift card for their choice of ice cream vendors (Cold Stone Creamery, Dairy Queen, Baskin Robbins, or Ben & Jerry’s).

Love, Ace

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