Famous Infamous Wannabe

[The Morton Report] The Famous Woman, the Infamous Man, and the Wannabe

Some years back a Famous Woman had a baby but rumours soon arose that the father’s name on the child’s birth certificate was incorrect. Gossip had it that the real baby daddy was an Infamous Man who happened to have a wife and a reputation as a womaniser.

Time passed and so did the marriage. The Infamous Man then met a younger, fame-hungry, aspiring starlet. Ms Wannabe soon had the considerable benefit of publicity surrounding their relationship.

More time passed and so did the relationship. Everyone in this tangled web has moved on but the Famous Woman and the Infamous Man remained friends. Amazingly, the ex-wife is still friendly — even with the Famous Woman. Keeping it in all the family, perhaps?

And Ms Wannabe? She’s had a lot more than fifteen minutes of fame. To this day she thinks all that media interest was based on her stunning beauty/scintillating talent/overwhelming charisma. How stunned she would be to learn that the press attention had little to do with her and lot more to do with the Infamous Man’s extra-marital history.

The Famous Woman:

The Infamous Ma:

The Wannabe

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