A Tale Of Two Couples

[BlindGossip] Single Guy and Married Couple have been friends for a long time. You will often catch pretty photos of them hanging out together every couple of months. No, this isn’t going where you think it’s going. They are not a threes*me. Nor is Single Guy romantically involved with Married Girl. However, they do have a very interesting arrangement.

Single Guy is quite the package, so it’s not exactly hard for him to land an attractive woman. In fact, he always seems to have a new Single Girl on his arm. However, he is not the only one doing the selecting. Married Girl has a big say in Single Buy’s choice of mates. That’s because the bottom line is that the Single Girl is really for her. That’s right. The real couples here are: Single Guy + Married Guy and Single Girl + Married Girl.

So, now you know that whenever Single Guy breaks up with his Single-Girl-of-the-Month, it’s really because Married Girl has decided that it’s time. Married Girl is the selector of Single Girl, ergo the decision maker in Single Girl’s termination.

It doesn’t always go smoothly, though. Once the Single Girl is part of this lifestyle, the fame-by-association and the lifestyle can make it very difficult to leave. However, they always do go, thanks to a binding contract and a nice payoff.

Single Guy:

Single Girl:

Married Guy:

Married Girl:

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  1. ClosetOrganizer says

    Leo DiCaprio is Single Guy, Leo’s supermodel girlfriends are Single Girls-of-the-Month, Tobey Maguire is Married Guy, and Jennifer Meyer is Married Girl. At least, that’s my guess.

  2. ssslithering says

    Jenn Meyer hooking up with Erin Heatherton or Bar Raefeli? Much less calling the shots on who Leo “dates” so she can sleep with the girl? No way, never, ever, ever. One day we will solve the mystery that is Leonardo DiCaprio, but not today. Jenn Meyer is not sleeping with Leo’s girlfriends. She has never really even pinged my gaydar, but that might not mean much, I never really wanted to think of her like that.