Exes Deposed Equal Reality Exposed

[BlindGossip] Divorces are unpleasant, and many get downright ugly. However, only about 5% of divorces go to trial. A good divorce lawyer will develop a strategy that will enable their client to stand strong and appear aggressive and committed to their position right up until the almost-inevitable settlement.

Once you start bringing in those third parties, though, people crack. Such is the case of this ugly divorce case. These two were firmly rooted in their postions and were fine sniping at each other when they thought the divorce was going to be mano a mano. However, once the third parties started getting dragged into the mess, both got nervous.

These third parties know a lot. They know all about their real motives, their manipulative games, their affairs, their sexual p*rversions, their plastic surgeries, and their ab*rtions. These third parties have little or no loyalty to them. These third parties may even want to hurt them in revenge for their past bad behavior. The threat alone is enough to make one of them crack.

So who will crack first?

Surprise: she already has! Lots of tears and a huge hissy fit over not getting her way with “That F*cker” (she calls him “My Ex” in public and “That F*cker” in private). But this is business. She has a lot more to lose, and she doesn’t want her ex deposed or her real motives exposed. A settlement is in the works, and this divorce will never see the inside of a courtroom. You will see a few more weeks of public posturing, but he has already won. Although we’re sure she’ll publicly spin it otherwise.

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