Mr and Mrs VIP

[The Morton Report]  Rumours abound concerning the marriage of a famous couple, yet there is a bewildering silence in the media.

Let’s call the pair Mr. and Mrs. VIP – I’m not even saying whether they are British. Recently, Mrs. VIP failed to turn up to an event that she might reasonably have been expected to attend. Strangely, the media scarcely mentioned the fact.

Meanwhile, the whispers say that Mr. and Mrs. VIP are no longer together and are using the excuse of busy lives as a cover. The theory is that they won’t announce the split for family reasons. Maybe, but a divorce would also mean the disentangling of considerable wealth and property interests…and a lot of secrets still bind this couple together.

There is already one privacy agreement with the media in place regarding a past incident, and the continuation of the Leveson Inquiry into press ethics might explain the reluctance of even the hardest-nosed British papers to expose the situation: so we have stalemate.

This suits Mr. and Mrs. VIP as they don’t want nosy parker journalists taking a close look at their life, or heaven forbid, some forensic biographer shining a flashlight into the dark corners of their union. The funny friends? The magic millions? Oh no! So expect a choreographed Hollywood-style loving couple appearance with cheesy smiles this summer.

And it’s not Charles and Camilla. The ‘$300 million divorce’ exists only in the fantasyland of US tabloids.

UPDATE: As for Mr & Mrs VIP in this report – well, would you believe it: a few days after TMR published my forecast ‘so expect a choreographed Hollywood-style loving couple appearance with cheesy smiles this summer,’ it was announced that Mrs VIP will soon be alongside her husband at a big event. Hope she recognises him- it’s a long time since they were seen together!



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  • brit26

    Tony and Cherie Blair… the event she didn’t turn up to was his appearance at Leveson Enquiry. Hence why it’s strange that ‘the media hardly mentioned the fact.’

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